Please welcome the newest member to The SHEARLINE family. The all new The SHEARLINE 2.0.


Ideal for smaller volume productions.
Incredibly easy to maintain.
Extremely gentle on the pocketbook.


Gateway Concepts has done it again! This year Gateway Concepts is proud to announce The SHEARLINE 2.0. This isn’t just a shrunken down version… its a completely new blade design which offers up an even cleaner cut than ever seen before by a mechanical trimmer. While version 2.0 is smaller and slower than the The SHEARLINE… it comes at a huge price reduction as well! Only $6500 MSRP plus shipping.

Gateway Concepts is again changing how we think about trimming!

Newblower1Newblower2 LittleBro3 LittleBro4 LittleBro5 LittleBro6 LittleBro7 LittleBro8 LittleBro9

How it all started

 It all started in 2001 when Gateway Concepts invented  The SHEARLINE commercial leaf trimmer. This machine revolutionized the industry by significantly cutting production costs while increasing the quality of the product. Before the original The SHEARLINE people would have never imagined it possible that a single machine would be able to do the same amount of work as 15 people. But it did, and with a more consistent quality; and it changed everything.

It […]

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