The Standard Nursery Pot:

  • grows plants
  • can be used with most soil and hydroponic media
  • holes for drainage
  • wide range of sizes

The standard nursery pot is black so it will absorb and hold the heat in during a hot summer day.

This is a root bound plant. The roots of this plant (or any root bound plant)will begin to grow in overlapping circles that follow the inner walls of the container. As the roots take over, little room is left for soil to hold water, which may lead to root death. Allowing plants to grow in this fashion can and will stunt a plant’s growth, but can also bring about the plant’s overall demise.



  • creates a fibrous, non-circling root system
  • Promotes horizontal root branching
  • greater efficiency of water and nutrient absorption
  • accelerates plant growth, increases vigor
  • complements a variety of methods above ground, in ground or in-pot
  • wide range of sizes
  • each fibrous root system complements the next
  • creative solutions for water conservation, insulation, and blow-over
  • plants are equipped for rapid transplant success and long-term health

The RootTrapper® is white and reflects the heat making the container cooler than a standard nursery pot on a hot summer day.


This is a fibrous, circling root ball from a sunflower that was grown in a RootTrapper® container.


RootTrapper® from RootMaker® start at 1 gallon and goes up to 500 gallon containers. They are also available in custom sizes. Please visit for sizes and pricing.